Stay out of Punjab: Amarinder Singh to Kejriwal

A day after Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal said his party workers will go to Punjab villages to check people’s oxygen levels, CM Capt. Amarinder Singh on Thursday warned him to stay out of the state and focus on managing COVID in his city.

On Wednesday, CM Kejriwal had appealed to the people of Punjab to help AAP volunteers in carrying out the campaign. “In Delhi, we have seen oximeters proving to be helpful. So the AAP is taking oximeters to every street, neighborhood, and village of Punjab. Workers of AAP along with people will go to every house and check the oxygen level of people,” he mentioned.

“If someone’s oxygen level is found to have dropped and (we) will help him in taking him to hospital and this way, (we) will try to save lives of people in villages,” Kejriwal added.

Meanwhile, the Punjab CM warned Kejriwal against trying to exploit the COVID crisis to “instigate” people in the state’s villages.

“We don’t need your oximeters. We just need you to rein in your workers in Punjab, where they are trying to incite my people into not going to hospitals to get themselves tested and treated for COVID,” he told Arvind Kejriwal.

According to a statement, AAP’s worker Amrinder Singh has been arrested and is being questioned to ascertain who motivated him to circulate the post of a body to “mislead” the people of Punjab into believing that organs of dead coronavirus patients were being removed by the Punjab health department.

“Such rumors are provoking a section of the community to avoid proper medical care which needs to be provided to all COVID- affected citizens, which is a clear case of a deadly criminal conspiracy against the people of the state who are already suffering due to the pandemic,” Punjab CM said.

There were enough indications of a massive plot by elements inimical to the interests of Punjab, he added.

Capt. Amarinder Singh said the police on Thursday morning registered another case in Patiala on a complaint by a local journalist, who was offered money for making and circulating a false video on COVID scare.

He said Delhi CM’s announcement amid the shocking viral campaign, asking AAP workers to go around villages and streets of Punjab to check people’s oxygen levels, raised serious questions on the role of his party in the alleged conspiracy to undermine the Punjab government’s efforts to keep the pandemic under check.

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