Systematic attack on the Hindu society continues with alarming regularity: Shiv Mandir desecrated in UP

MUZAFFARNAGAR: Attacking Hindu processions, activists and temples have become incidents that are reported in dozens across the country. In yet another attack on a Hindu temple, Yakub has been caught and handed over to the Uttar Pradesh Police by locals.

Angry devotees caught Yakub red-handed and handed him over to the police when they promised a fair and speedy probe.

It has been reported that Yakub entered a Shiv Mandir, removed the murti placed inside a glass showcase and smashed it on the floor.

Apart from the murti even a nameplate inscribed with Devi Kali’s mantras could be seen broken on the floor in a video shared on social media by Newsroom Post.

A few days ago another temple was attacked in Jammu and idols of the deities were broken into pieces.

This is the second attack on a temple in Uttar Pradesh this month, earlier Ahmed Murtaza Abbasi attacked two police constables with a sharp-edged weapon at the Gorakhnath temple gate in Gorakhpur while trying to enter the temple.

Washing off the Hindu civilization from the sins and atrocities of Islamic tyrants in the past seems like a rather inconceivable dream when Hindus and their temples continue to face coordinated attacks in independent India. Not only do these incidents go unnoticed by the mainstream media but also every effort is made to shield the perpetrators and reverse the narrative.