Tahir Hussain provoked communal riots in Delhi says Court

Taking awareness of the charge sheet filed against AAP councilor Tahir Hussain who was accused and suspended later.

He who was involved in the murder of Intelligence Bureau official staff Ankit Sharma has been alleged.

On Friday Delhi court said, “he provoked and instigated his community against the other community with a view to promoting enmity between Hindus and Muslims”.

Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Purushottam Pathak remarked that there was sufficient material available on record to get aware of this case.

The court directed to produce according to accusations before August 28 connecting through video conferencing for further hearing.

The court said the riots took place in a “planned manner” which results in a “well-hatched conspiracy”. It was allegedly provoked by the leader of the mob.

“Hussain also facilitated them to the rooftop of his building and provided other logistics support with a view that large-scale riots may be there, causing resultant loss to life and the property of the other community… Prima facie the accused Tahir Hussain was leading the mob from his house and also from the Masjid near Chand Bagh Pulia on February 24 and 25, and he was instrumental for gathering of the unlawful assembly in conspiracy with accused persons, namely Haseen (alias Salman), Nazim, Kasim, Sameer Khan, Anas, Firoj, Javed, Gulfam and Shoaib Alam, having common intention and unlawful object,” the court said.

Further added Hussain allegedly provoked and initiated his community as they promoted complete opposition on the grounds of religion between Hindus and Muslims. Hindus have killed a number of Muslims and have set their shops on fire at Sherpur Chowk as promoted further.

“On his (Hussain’s) provocation/instigation, the Muslims turned violent and became volatile on February 24 and 25 and started burning shops and pelting stones and petrol bombs on Hindu community and also targeted their houses situated in that locality. Thereupon, the uncontrolled mob turned into rioters and in process of rioting caught hold of Ankit Sharma and dragged him to Chand Bagh Pulia and caused his death by inflicting multiple injuries using sharp and blunt objects/weapons in a brutal manner and with a view to conceal the evidence, all of them in furtherance of their common intention, threw his dead body in the drain,” it said.

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