Tech Bytes: Five Smart Devices We Wish Xiaomi To Launch In India

Xiaomi is a Chines company that works in the electronics field, we all might recognise it as Mi. In India the company is known for its Mi smart phones but it offers many interesting and unique devices which are not available in India.

Here are five amazing Xiaomi products that we wish to be launched in India:

1. Xiaomi’s Internet Refrigerator

The internet refrigerator of Xiaomi would be as convenient as the available smart phone. The refrigerator works on the basis of internet and provides features like touch screen and voice application with these features customers can mange the temperature of the refrigerator, can even look for amazing food recipes or order groceries online. This single refrigerator can also be used as hub to control other appliances.



2. Smart Jacket with a heater 

Xiaomi offers a smart jacket with an embed heater in it, this jacket would be really beneficial in places with cold weather. It comes with high quality white goose down to resist cold, the temperature can be managed by the user as per his requirement. It works with the power bank to keep you warm for long hours and is water proof as well.



3. Transparent Bluetooth Speaker 

Xiaomi portable speakers are available in India but the company hasn’t launched the transparent bluetooth speaker yet. The speaker provides the feature of lyrics of the song which has been played being displayed on the screen. Speaker has 21.5 inch display screen behind an AR coated Hight transmittance glass panel due to which it seems lyrics are floating in the air. It even have blacklight tech for dark environment.



4. Xiaomi Foldable Fan

Another unique smart device of Xiaomi, a foldable fan that can spray 1-5 iron water and users beand’s 3000-RPM cross flow wind pressure technology. The head of the fan can move 120 degree across and can be detached. It even have a small LCD display along which can be controlled by the remote.



5. Xiaomi Mi Smart Curtain 

The Xiaomi Smart Curtain works with the support of the Wifi and as per the claim by company it emits less than 30 db of noise. The smart curtains works with remote and can be controlled by voice as well. It can also configure to work automatically on the basis of natural light. It comes with three meter bar and an integrated motor.


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