Tech Duo’s ‘Dukaan’ App Goes Viral, Lockdown Innovation To Help Local Shopkeepers

Online stores, apps, features, classes etc seems to have taken over the world in a span of few months. Online utilities have stepped up and have taken over the market where we physically go and buy our necessities as we don’t want to go outside, risks ourselves amid pandemic.

As big businesses grows in capital and demand, it is the retailers, small shopkeepers, small traders who faced the setbacks of contracting economy. They slipped into the crisis easily due to lack of money and support from the government. But as pandemic caused us tougher life than before it has brought many innovative ideas to survive in those troubling times. Two techies from Mumbai decided to support these small shopkeepers by coming up with an idea to develop an app called ‘Dukaan’ – a hyperlocal market.

Techie Duo Subhash Choudhary and Suumit Shah created the app, which has gone viral. One of them namely Subhash Choudhary elaborates how and what let them create this venture. Netizens on Twitter and other social media platforms shows excitement and calls it interesting.

So, basically app listed the local retailers listed and people can order their groceries without even going to the market. Subhash wrote on Twitter about Dukaan story, “While india was quickly moving Digital and preferring all things online, these small shopkeepers were not really skilled enough to operate existing digital platforms like shopify / amazon etc.”

Facing the before and aftermath of lockdown, duo then came up with an idea to make this app to not only help themselves but to others as well. “The app was a hit and just in 2 months, more than 2.7 Million small business owners are using the app to sell their products online,” he wrote.

“From Small time grocery stores, to housewives selling their handmade items, to restaurants in small towns – these businesses are now getting thousands of orders every single day and able to sell online.”

The backstory of this App starts with a ‘hello’ in the words of Shubham Choudhury.

“I learned everything I could get my hands on, performed really well in the company and for the next 6 years I went from being a trainee to leading a team of 60 engineers, managing over 20 Lakh servers across 15,000 different customer locations,” Choudhary wrote in a series of tweets recently.

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