‘The Monk Who Sold His Bat’ is now the trending caption to the New-Bald-Look Of MS Dhoni: See Tweets

MS Dhoni has never failed to be a pacesetter when it comes to his unique and unconventional Hairdos. His fans always perch to duplicate the styles and make them trending.

The recent gravitating pictures of MS head-shaved have broken the meter of gauge the tweets. In a picture that has actually currently gone viral, he can be seen with a pristine crown and also worn light, monk-ish garments.

Star Sports on Sunday released a video that consisted of Dhoni with a completely new look.

After his pictures went viral, the netizens were astonished and took a step ahead to Dhoni’s fans list.

Take a dekko to New Look of Dhoni:

MS Dhoni returns in brand-new monk avatar; find out why - INSIDE NE
Credits: Inside Me

Check out the Tweets talking of Spirituality with Memes:

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