These two words at Target will help you save money : learn details

There is no bad in saving money at Target everyday and its not hard to make savings as a daily habit. There is good news for all those who religiously believes in bargain shopping to another level. But everyone needs to have a go-to shopping tricks that could save big bucks on great products.

All you need to do is memorize these two words: “rain check.”
Credits : connected Real Estate Magazine

According to the online posted Target sales Policy, when the sales item is out of stock then this phrase is used to unlock great deals. So all you need to do is to request for a rain check when this happens, target is going to honor the deal if item comes back to the stock within 30-45 days. Substitution will be offered by the store whenever possible.

Substitution‘ means you’ll take the same deal back home at sales price, without paying full amount. Take an example, if you’re shopping for a particular toy that’s out of stock, they may suggest a comparable toy currently being sold at full price and extend the promotion to that item.

Rain Check works after filling the paper and requesting in person, you can’t do it online. Some products are excluded: such as “Clearance, Price Cut, Temporary Price Cut and Everyday Low Price items” are excluded from weekly ads and items. Usually this is mentioned “No Rain Checks” can’t be rain-checked.”

Rain Check policy will let you buy product and take it home at bottom prices even if the product is unavailable.