“This Is A Government Of Lies”, Rahul Gandhi’s ‘Suit Boot’ Jibe At Centre Over ‘Chalo Delhi’ Protest

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi tweeted his addressing at the gathering during party’s ‘Kheti Bachao’ tractor rally against the farm laws at Sanaur in Patiala district last month, when the farm laws passed, now attacked the central government on being ‘ignorant’ on the three contentious farm laws. Congress leader who is relentlessly criticising the government on Wednesday once again fired a ‘suit-boot’ dig at it as the ‘Delhi Chalo’ campaign of farmers paced entered day seven.

Rahul Gandhi wrote on Twitter, “What the government said: farmers’ income will be doubled. What the government did: increased income of its cronies four times and will halve farmers’ income. This is a government of lies and a ‘suit-boot’ government.”

In the last few days amid outrageous farmer’s protest, Rahul Gandhi has been vocal about the anti-farm laws which is intensifying day by day despite government’s efforts to stop it. Rahul Gandhi targeted government while protecting farmers tweeted, “While the country’s food providers are protesting on the roads, the liars are giving speeches on national television. Farmers’ hard work is a debt on all of us. This debt can only be paid back by giving them justice and not by lathi-charging them or firing tear gas at them. Wake up, put your ego aside and give the farmer what he deserves.”

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