“This Taliban incident” was outcome of a belief system rather than a reaction: RSS on Udaipur incident

The RSS asserted that “this Taliban incident” was not a response to provocation but rather the outcome of a mentality and a belief system. According to RSS officials, Ambekar was referring to the event on June 28 in Udaipur where two Muslim men killed a Hindu tailor for reportedly supporting Nupur Sharma.

He said it on the same day that the Supreme Court harshly criticised suspended BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma, saying she “is single-handedly responsible for what is happening in the country.”

This Taliban event is not a response, as you can see. It is not a response to a slight. It has been occurring without cause all around the planet. There are Taliban, Islamic State, and Hamas somewhere. SIMI and PFI are both available in our nation. This has nothing to do with being provoked. Anyone who has this view needs to do additional research. It’s critical to comprehend the mindset and worldview that led to the Taliban event, according to RSS publicity leader Sunil Ambekar on Friday.

“In our minds, India is a nation that utilises its might for the good of others. A decent person must also possess the fortitude to support another good person and put an end to those who want to disturb the calm. … There are legal procedures for handling problems. Anyone with a complaint must use the constitutional channels,” according to Ambekar.

The Taliban: War and Religion in Afghanistan and The Forgotten History of India were two books by Arun Anand that were being launched at the time that Ambekar was speaking. The event was organised by Prabhat Prakashan.

“A country cannot disregard the Partition that it endured at the hands of religious extremism. It’s crucial to find out whether there are any connections between that area and India or if such components are entering the nation. Are any recent occurrences in the nation related to them? Are they related to those individuals who espouse fundamentalist ideologies for partisan or self-serving reasons? What is treason? It needs to be confirmed,” according to Ambekar.

He also emphasised the need for the next generation to understand the causes of the separation. Some individuals prefer not to discuss it. To guarantee that it does not occur again, it is crucial to talk about it. It is crucial to prevent further attacks on our nation or the emergence of forces that advocate secession and terrorism, the official added.