Positive News : This woman is feeding destitutes from 150 days amid lockdown crisis

Feeding for 150 days amid pandemic and financial crisis to the poor is not an easy task especially for the family that depends totally on the outcome of the agricultural field they have.

In a district like Srikakulam where agricultural growth is not escalating and non-profitable.

But as they say you need good intentions to help others, and not large sum of money. Sudha Rani is a remarkable example that quotation are empty motivations without any hardwork behind it. Pandemic didn’t stop her to help others by feeding them for continuous 150 days.

A humanitarian work by hearing and speech impaired woman, whose financial situation didn’t hinder her efforts. Rani and her family as well are helping the poor and needy such as orphans and homeless at their house in Vavilavalasa village of Regidi Amadalavalasa mandal since the lock down. She cooks everyday, washes the dishes and fetches water from a well kilometre away.

Rani’s husband Paluru Siddardha who is a farmer also involved in the social service for the past few years. Drawing inspiration from her husband, Rani decided to feed all the the destitutes after witnessing their plight during the Covid19 outbreak.

She took help from her husband, brother-in-law and father-in-law who are also farmers, she managed to feed them for 150 days. Inspired by her work, several Good Samaritans came forward to help. “As there is no water supply at home, my wife brings water from a well 1 km away,” Siddardha said, and hoped the district administration would provide water supply.

The family has three acres of land in the village and cultivates 15 acres on lease. They started helping the needy with `20,000 given by Siddardha’s parents.