TIME Magazine Replaces Its Cover Logo With ‘VOTE’ For The First Time In 100 Year History: Learn Why

For the first time in 100 year history, The TIME Magazine replaced its logo on the cover page of the November 2 issue – ‘VOTE’.

TIME Magazine first time in the history changed logo to urge people to vote in according to experts one of the most decisive and crucial US Presidential Elections in today’s history. The Editor-in-Chief and CEO Edward Felsenthal in a note to his leaders,  “we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to change our tune” after what has been a year of “pain, hardship, chaos and loss”.

“To mark this historic moment, arguably as consequential a decision as any of us has ever made at the ballot box, we have for the first time in our nearly 100-year history replaced our logo on the cover of our US edition with the imperative for all of us to exercise the right to vote,” Felsenthal explains.

Shepard Fairey designed the most amazing artwork poster for The TIME Magazine. He also have designed for  ‘HOPE’ poster in 2008 for then presidential hopeful Barack Obama.

A woman wearing a bandana as a face covering with a picture of a ballot box and ‘vote’ printed on it, impressing and winning hearts ahead of US Presidential Elections. He says about his Artwork, “Even though the subject in the portrait knows there are additional challenges to democracy during a pandemic, the person is determined to use their voice and power by voting.”

US Presidential Elections to be held at November 3.

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