Tom & Jerry in NY with the Bollywood Actress Pallavi Sharada.

This year might be boring but Warner bros got us all the perfect ending with our favourite childhood cartoon characters Tom & Jerry. We all have been fan of the two for centuries and  the movie will create a lasting impact on the audience even after the death of Gene Deitch, Tom & Jerry Director.

The trailer has been released  on 17th November, 2020 and received 1,242,554 views in a day. The movie will be released right before the Christmas on 23rd December, 2020.

This is not all, Indian Audience got another reason to be excited for the movie. Pallavi Sharda the lead in Besharam with Ranbir Kapoor is also the part of the movie. The actress didn’t got the recognition in Bollywood after being on movies like Hawaizada and Begum Jaan as well.

The Austrian actress with Indian accent has been spotted in the trailer of Tom & Jerry. Though even this time she didn’t acquire the role, she deserved. In July, 2019 Hollywood reporters reported her being casted in the movie but no confirmation was received.

Though in October, 2019 she stated in an interview ” In Tom and Jerry I got the golden opportunity to work with the fantastic charters with on a film with diverse representation. It is really a global cast and it was special to work on a brand that has been so universal for so long and resonates around culture boundaries. ”

The trailer begins with the song ‘Count on Me’ by Bruno Mars and shows the impeccable bond of the two charters with a friendship of ‘love and hate’. The bond we all have loved for centuries.

It further shows Tom & Jerry in NY in a big five star hotel with chloë grace moretz, Ken Jeong ,Michael Peña and many more. The hotel is having a big fat Indian Wedding where we believe Pallavi Sharda would be our bride but with the arrival of Jerry in their becomes an issue for the hotel authorities. Now, we will see Tom being hired by chloë grace moretz to get rid of Jerry and the adventure will began while two characters will chase one another in the movie.


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