Tomato flu discovered in kerala: know about the virus and its symptoms

In Kerala, there has been a new virus called the tomato flu. This virus was discovered in many parts of the state amid recent food poisoning incidents. Media reports claim that the rare viral disease has infected more than 80 children below 5 years old in Kerala so far. According to media reports, this number is expected to rise.

A medical team has been sent to Coimbatore to test for the presence of the tomato virus. It is also preventing the spread of the disease in neighbouring districts in Kerala. The team is led by two medical officers, who will inspect passengers, particularly children.

A 24-member team was also formed to inspect the Anganwadis children below five years old.

What Is Tomato Flu?

Tomato flu, an unidentified illness, is most common in children under five years old. The flu causes reddish-coloured rashes and blisters that appear on the child’s skin. It is also known as the “tomato flu” or “tomato fever”. According to some reports, the question of whether the flu is caused by a virus or an aftereffect of chikungunya and dengue fever is being debated. Although the disease is currently only found in Kerala, officials warn that it could spread to other parts of the country if there aren’t enough preventative measures.

What Are The Signs?

Rashes, reddened blisters, skin irritation, and dehydration are the main symptoms. The symptoms of the disease include fever, headaches, joint swellings and tiredness.

How Do You Deal With Flu Symptoms?

If the child has symptoms of flu, doctor consultation is required. Avoid scratching the blisters, and ensure that hygiene and cleanliness are maintained. It is important to get adequate rest and hydration.