Top 10 Undiscovered Places Around The World: Travel Beats

Top 10 undiscovered places around the world that are completely breath taking & bewitching are yet to be visited on Earth, and trust me there’s loads. The places we haven’t talked enough about with interesting theories and fascinating view.

The world we live in is weirdly a beautiful and mysterious place so here’s  10 most captivating and bizarre places to visit around the world.

1. Spotted Lake, British Columbia, Canada 

It is one of the most enchanting places to discover, the lake seems normal in the winters but as the fall arrives lake shows its magic. Spotted Lake is located in Northwest of Osoyoos, British Columbia. It can spotter through the Highway 3 Northwest.

It is considered one of the sacred places for centuries by the people of Okanagan Nation, according to British Columbia Visitor Centre. It is believed that each circle have different healing and medicinal properties. It was originally known as Fist Nations of the Okanagan Valley as Kliluk.

The land is privately owned for many years and is ensured to be restore and protected. Ammunition was manufactured from the minerals from the lake during World War 1.The location is protected by fence and visitors can’t go too close but visitors will surely get some nice spots to capture the beauty of the lake.

2. Chocolate Hills of Bohol Island, the Philippines

Chocolate Hills is one of  the ‘Eighth Wonder of the World’. These hills in the Philippines turns to a golden-brown colour in the summers. They are also known as Bohol’s conical hills, they have different range in height but are quite regular in the shape. They were named as ‘chocolate’ in the dry season when the foliage goes from lush green to brown.

There is a story behind these hills that giant cried and hills sprung up where his tears fell. Some legends even says that giants engaged in their personal war and eventually buried in there. Where as, Geologists States that hills where formed due to an erosion. The view of the hills are awestruck as same as the story of them.

3. The Seven Coloured Earth of Chamarel

The Seven Colored Earth is beauty to see, it is located in the Seven Colour Earth Geopark,Chamarel, Mauritius and one of the top 10 undiscovered places around the world. The island is famous for its culture and beaches but the most fascinating place to visit is ‘seven coloured earth’ of Chamarel, located in the dense forest.

It is a bare land that exhibits seven colours and was formed due to a volcanic eruption. The shades that land displays are result of formation of secondary iron oxides and hydroxides in the weathered basalt. In the first look, the colours seems to be an illusion formed due to the shadow though with the closure look course seems more real and shadows are the actual illusion.

4. Saalfeld fairy grottes

Saalafled fairy grottoes were merely mining pits in the Germany. Black alum shale use to be mined in the caves and were known as Jeremias Luck. Mines were later closed and caves of grottoes were turned into a fairytale world. Though the caves were opened for the tourist in 1914 but was rediscovered in 1910. They are ceased during World War 1 but later were again open for all.

They are entitled as ‘the most colrdul cave grottoes in the world’ by the Guinness Book of World Records. Some legends have said that few workers saw a fairy while mining in the caves and when they approach her, she disappeared. Due to the incident it obtained a magical name.

5. The Eye of Sahara 

The Eye of the Sahara, is located in the west-central Mauritania. It was first described in 30s and 40s but was studied later when it was spotted through space. Its photograph was clicked during Gemini 4 mission and scientists believed its ring structure was an impact crater however the theory was put to hold later as they weren’t able to find sufficient melted rock. The rocks in the eye is at least 100 million years old and is also known as the Richat Structure.

The structure has some interesting theories along with it. Some believes that it is a proof of existence of Atlantis in Africa though Geologist assume that it was formed when Pangaea was torn apart and the continents of Africa and South America over 100 million years ago.

6. Lake Hiller, Western Australia

Lake Hiller is one of the amusing creation of nature. It lies in the Recherche Archipelago in largest island of Western Australia. It was discovered in 1802, the lake is quite small with length of 600 meters and width of 250 meters.

The most remarkable feature of the lake is its colour, pink. Scientists believes it is due to presence of a salt loving algae species known as Dunaliella salina and pink bacteria known as halobacteria. The colour of the water remains same even if taken drawn in a container.

Good news for the visitors is swimming in this fascinating lake isn’t harmful but one can’t be done it, as it is prohibited. Though drinking the pink water is extremely unhealthy and dangerous.

7. Papakolea Beach 

Papakolea Beach is the single four green sand beach on Big Island in the world. One the top 10 undiscovered places around the world, it is located in Hawaii and is known as Green Sand Beach. The beach is formed from the side of a worlds largest volcano, Mauna Loa.

The colour of the sand was created by olivine crystals in the lava left after the eruption. The Olivine also known as the ‘Hawaiian Diamond’ and mixed with glass and black pyroxene makes it the volcanic material of Green Sand Beach.

A curse was made up by park rangers to daunt the visitors from taking the sand home along with them. The rumour caused a superstition for the tourists and many returned the belongings back to the National Park Service.

8. Zone of Silence 

Zone of Silence is Mexican Bermuda Triangle in Chihuahuan desert, northern Mexico. It is only 50 kilometres but is considered most mysterious places on Earth. When driven through the area, radio signals and compass stops working.

Even in 1970 an Athena rocket crashed 400 miles to the south of the zone. After the crash Mapimi Biosphere Reserve was established  by Mexican government. These big mountains are covered in lush greenery.

9. The Tianzi Mountain, China 

Tianzi Mountain is located in Zhangjiajie in the Hunan provinance of China. It was known as “Qingyan Mountain” before Ming Dynasty. It was formed because of the strong movements in the Earth crust about 1.5 billion years ago.

To enjoy the view of Tianzi a cable car is used. The mountains were also shown in the movie Avatar.

10. Socotra Island, Yemen

Socotra Island is in Indian Ocen 210 miles southeast of Yemen. It was separated from the mainland of Africa about six million years ago. The island have unique plants and tress that aren’t find anywhere else around the world.

The most strange spice is twisted dragon’s blood tree and bulbous bottle tree. It is nicknamed as “Galapagos of the Indian ocean”.


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