Top 5 Wedding Essentials In Lockdown

Since, March no wedding or parties have taken place due to this pandemic. The wedding that was suppose to take place was postponed due to novel coronavirus.

But, with time as world is adapting to new normal the wedding points have opened but with limited number of people attending the wedding. People started getting married either at home or with limited number of relatives attending the wedding.

Not just common people have adapted this change but even celebrities and other big names have adopted this new normal. Some of the big-names that got married are :-


 wedding essentials in lockdown
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  • Manish Raisinghan And Sangeita Chauhaan
wedding essentials in lockdown
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  • Hardik Pandya And Natasha Stankovic

wedding essentials in lockdown
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But with the changing times we need to adapt to changes and follow some rules issued by Government to avoid any kind of risk. So before planning a wedding there are 5 wedding-essentials to keep in mind during lockdown.

1. Thermal Screening

One of the most essential thing during wedding is Thermal screening of the guest. It is important to check temperature of a persons body before entering the venue. If a person’s body temperature is higher than usual then that person should not be allowed to attend the ceremony and immediately should be taken to doctor to avoid any kind of risk.

wedding essentials in lockdown
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2. Wearing Mask

So, wearing mask in a wedding is something new and difficult change to adapt. Weddings are supposed to be place to enjoy with no restrictions.But because of the virus and to avoid it, one should wear mask while attending the wedding. The host should include instructions for wearing mask in the invitations card.

wedding essentials in lockdown
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3. Use of Sanitizer

Along with wearing mask, sanitizing your hand frequently goes hand in hand. Make sure that all the guests are provided with sanitization facility or are provided with sanitizer bottles. One can even install a sanitization booth so that guest can frequently sanitize and can attend wedding tension free. even the venue should be sanitized before the guests arrives.

wedding essentials in lockdown
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4. Social Distancing

As, the new rules says maintain at least 6 feet distance between people. So, while planning a wedding make sure you call limited number of people or Maximum 50 people (suggested by government) so that one can maintain social distancing.

wedding essentials in lockdown
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5. Zoom Call

So, it is difficult to invite all the relatives due to restriction on numbers of guest and moving from one place to another during this time is difficult. So, since May many wedding have taken virtually through ‘Zoom’ platform. Rituals being performed over Video call, this is something new and innovative in this time of pandemic.

wedding essentials in lockdown
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