True Love gets a new Definition, as Man paints ‘I Love You’, ‘I Miss You’ on a 2.5 KM Road

Love was always a hypothetical subject for people across the Globe. Some considered it to be an element of happiness, while others considered it to be a curse in their lives. Likewise, proclamations of love using unique ways are not something new in today’s world.

To stand out among other romantics, a man from Maharashtra tried to do the same, as he expressed his love for his partner/lover in a never-before-seen way. He wrote ‘I love You’, ‘I Miss You’ across a 2 KM Long Road Stretch.

The incident took place at Maharashtra’s Kohlapur, where locals of the Dharangutti village in Shirol Tehsil reported it. They spotted the messages in the morning, written all over the road in their village. The man has not been identified yet.


The messages were written using white oil paint on the Jaisinghpur to Dharangutti route that runs for at least 2.5 km.

The message was, ‘I Love you, ‘I Miss You’, Zindagi Ke Saath, Zindagi ke baad Bhi

The local administration soon sent a team of people to cover up the written messages using fresh white paint. Photos of people covering up the messages along the road stretch went viral. Even though the man remains unidentified yet, the local police reportedly said it is the handiwork of a village youth.


Village locals covering up the handiwork of one of their own village youth's handiwork

PIC CREDIT: Google Images

In a similar incident of grand romantic gestures, a 30-year-old man in China built a whole private island to stargaze his ex-girlfriend. The man spent his entire life’s savings on this project. Identified by most as Xu, the man was deeply in love with his other half but the relationship broke apart when the former moved to the countryside to take care of his parents.

Though the girl stayed back in the city.

Xu, similar to Noah (Ryan Gosling) from the film, ‘The Notebookbegan working on creating this love-island.

A bridge from the land leads up to the island. The Island itself is covered entirely in pink-from flowers to cherry and peach trees to inanimate decor items and even grass- it was as if pink s the new black!


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