Trump calls India-China situation ‘very nasty’ and offers help to mediate 

This is not the first time the US President has proposed mediation considering India’s growing tensions along the border with China. In April, he had offered to intervene, but New Delhi turned the offer down.

US President Donald Trump has now repeated an offer to mediate between China and India yet again. This is an attempt to the lower tensions between the two countries. Trump stated that the situation along the India-China border has been “very nasty” and the Chinese are “going at it” much more strongly.

“It’s been a nasty situation.. and we stand ready to help with respect to China and India. If we could do anything. We would love to get involved and help, and we are talking to both countries about that,” Trump informed reporters at a White House briefing on Friday.

When asked if China is bullying India, Trump replied, “I hope not… But they (China) are certainly going at it. They are going at it much more strongly than a lot of people even understand”.

This is not the first time Trump has offered to mediate, he has offered a hand multiple times, and India has firmly but politely refused any help every single time.