Two Months After The Rs 12 Crore Heist In ICICI’s Thane Branch, Prime Suspect Nabbed In Pune  

Mumbai, Oct. 5 (PTI): After more than two and a half months, Police have caught the main suspect involved in the theft of Rs. 12 crores in cash from ICICI Bank in Thane’s Manpada area in Pune.

Shaikh was arrested on Monday. His sister, Neelofer, and four other people have already been arrested for the multi-crore heist executed on July 12.

Reportedly, the Police have recovered almost nine crore rupees from the key suspect, Altaf Shaikh, 43.

“Shaikh lived in Mumbra and worked as a custodian for the ICICI Bank. As the bank’s guard, he was in charge of the locker keys. He spent a year planning the heist, figuring out how to do it and getting the tools he needed,” said the Manpada police station official.

During the course of the investigation, the Police found that he said that Shaikh had planned the whole theft by making the AC duct bigger so the money could go down the garbage chute, and he also decided to change the CCTV footage.

“After turning off the alarm and breaking the security cameras, Shaikh opened the bank vault and moved the money to the duct and later to the chute below. The whole crime was discovered when the bank officials noticed that the security money and the DVRs for the CCTVs were gone. This led to the bank’s staff requesting the inspection team to look after the matter. ” said the official.

Shaikh fleed after the heist, and he went on to change his appearance as well as wear a burqa to hide his identity. Neelofer, Shaikh’s sister, knew where he was going, so she hid some cash in her house. Police stated that she had been arrested and charged as a co-accused.

On Monday, Shaikh was finally nabbed in Pune. Thane and Navi Mumbai Police said that they had conducted this search operation in a coordinated manner. As of now, Police have taken Neelofer, Abrar Qureshi (33), Ahmed Khan (33), and Anuj Giri (33). (30) into custody.

The official said that more people are likely to be arrested and that the case is still undergoing further investigations.