Two people test HIV positive after getting cheap tattoos in Varanasi   

Authorities have issued cautions against inexpensive tattoo parlors after cases of people obtaining HIV after having tattoos started to appear in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh.

According to Dr. Preeti Agarwal of Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay Hospital, thorough examination and counselling revealed that many HIV patients had tattoos created, which caused their health to start failing. The situation is currently being investigated further.

“Neither they had unprotected sex nor were they transfused with infected blood. When they were counselled at the centre, it came to the fore that they started experiencing health problems after getting tattooed,” the doctor clarified.

14 individuals became ill, including a 20-year-old Baragaon male and a 25-year-old Nagma lady. Numerous tests, including one for viral typhoid malaria, were carried out in vain. When the fever persisted, testing for HIV were conducted, and all the patients were discovered to be HIV positive.

Examining the specifics revealed that none of the HIV-positive individuals had acquired the condition through sexual contact or contact with blood that was contaminated. One thing all the patients had in common was that they had all recently gotten tattoos done.

Investigation into the situation also turned up the fact that the same perpetrator, who used the same needle on all the afflicted people, had tattooed them all. Tattoo artists frequently reuse needles to save money since Dr. Agarwal claims that tattoo needles are pricey. She encouraged those getting tattoos to always make sure the needle is brand new. Further, she suggested that those who got their tattoos recently should get their HIV test done so they can start the treatment immediately.

“They do not even see whether the tattoo-maker has put a new needle in the machine. In such a situation, if an HIV-infected person gets tattooed with that needle, then there is every risk of others getting HIV infection using the same needle,” she said.

Body art has been around for a while. Teenagers and young adults love getting tattoos and getting their bodies pierced. Many people have questioned the hazards connected with body painting as the trend continues to spread.

Given that both tattoos and piercings need the use of needles, the possibility of getting sick is not out of the question.