Udaipur horror: Kanhaiya Lal pleaded for security for 13 days but Rajasthan cops disregarded him  

Kanhaiya Lal, a tailor from Udaipur, had written to Rajasthan Police almost 13 days before his murder to say that he was receiving death threats and his whereabouts were being monitored because of a Facebook post by his younger son endorsing banned BJP spokeswoman Nupur Sharma.

In his plea to the police dated June 15, Lal said that while playing a game, his younger son unintentionally uploaded a social media message endorsing Nupur Sharma.

Kanhaiya Lal also pleaded with the police that he needed police protection since he is unable to operate his store and has received death threats after certain individuals in other organisations circulated his images with the intention of killing him.

According to Kanhaiya Lal, two persons visited his business after two days and requested to use his phone to make a call.

“I shared my phone with them to make the call. However, they questioned me whether I shared the social media post before deleting it.” In his application, he stated, “I told them I don’t even know how to operate the phone and it was posted by my kid while playing the game.”

Additionally, he said that they departed after giving him a warning not to share such material again on social media.

The Dhanmandi police station called Kanhaiya on June 11 to inform that a report had been made against him and he needed to participate in the investigation. His neighbour Najim made the police complaint against him despite being aware that Kanhaiya Lal don’t even know how to use the phone.

Lal, who was brutally murdered by two Muslim individuals on Tuesday in broad daylight, complained in his statement that “for the last three days Najim along with five to six others are undertaking recce of my business and are not letting to open his shop.”

“I also came to know that five to seven people are camping near my shop every day and I also came to know they plan to kill me once I open my shop,” he said.

He continued by saying that Najim and his four or five accomplices had made his name and picture popular in their neighbourhood group and were pressuring others to kill him if they saw him anyplace. They were also pressuring me to delay opening my business and to kill me as soon as I did.

Lal requested permission to open his store and that the police pursue charges against Najim and his friends. Also be sure to give me safety, Lal requested. But no action was taken.

Two attackers who killed Lal and then shared his footage on social media from the Rajsamand region have been detained by the Rajasthan Police. The administration in Udaipur has shut down the internet and implemented a curfew in several areas of the city. In order to preserve peace and order, the government has also sent more security personnel to Udaipur.