UnAcademy tutor found encouraging students to take up arms due to delay in SSC result

One of India’s Biggest Online Education app “UnAcademy” is in news as educator was found encouraging students to pick up AK-47s in his online classes.

The education technology company also released a statement trying to distance itself from the whole comment thing of their one of the educators namely Varun Awasthi.

They clarified that they reviewed the content in the video of Varun Awasthi and found objectionable. According to the statement, it goes against the consumer policy of their company and doesn’t go with the ethos of the company.

UnAcademy said,t “we do not endorse or support any statements made by the educators that instigate hateful and unlawful behavior.”

They further added, “the video was not published on any of their platforms or youtube channels. We have taken appropriate action against the educator as per their internal code of conduct guidelines.”

The company said, ” though the educator didn’t make the comments in an official platform of the company, he was wearing an UnAcademy T-Shirt, and hence they expect the highest professional standards from him.”

The statement came from UnAcademy after the video went viral where Varun Awasthi is provoking students to take up AK-47 and create situation like Jammu and Kashmir.

Addressing PM Narendra Modi, he had said, ” if the PM does walk shoulder-to-shoulder with the young generation the youngsters of India will pick up AK-47s like Jammu and Kashmir.”

He was found threatening through online forum that youths will pick up arms due to the delayed results of the SSC Railway exams. UnAcademy clarified that they don’t tolerate this behaiviour and will investigate the whole thing.

Apology by Varun Awasthi

Varun Awasthi through his YouTube channel clarified that his comments were taken in a wrong manner and in different context. He apologized and said that he deleted all his videos where he said something offensive.