Unlock 4.0: Delhi Metro to be more warmer than usual

As soon as the guidelines for ‘Unlock 4.0’ was announced, Delhi Metro is all set to resumes is services from 7th September. Delhi Metro Rail Cooperation (DMRC) is already with all kind of measures to avoid any type of problem. The metros have been sanitized and are ready to follow social distancing norms.

There Delhi Metro is all set with managing the flow of air, there would be more fresh air that would be circulating from outside. There will be a rise in the temperature of the coaches to fight the virus.

There will be about 50-60 per cent of fresh air in the coaches while the temperature inside the coaches will be rise to 24-30 degree celsius which may feel warmer.
A senior DMRC official said ” air inside the coaches is a mixture of 70-73% recycled air and 27-30% fresh air, pulled in from outside, at any given point. The ratio is comparable to the air inside subway coaches in New York.”

HVAC (heat, ventilation, air-conditioning) has two types of filters – return air filters and fresh air filters which are made to trap particles. This time the cleaning frequency will be doubled and it will be disinfected using Five per cent of bleach solution.

Apart from this, Metro workers have been directed with precautionary measures including disinfection of ticket vending machines, handrails, lift buttons. Masks would be mandatory halt times will be longer, alternate seats onboard kept vacant, the distance of one metre maintained among those standing and while entry gate would be limited. And passengers would be allowed only after thermal screening.

As Delhi Metro begins operations at a time when the capital is again seeing a rise in cases. As per now, 80,000 cases were registered in a single day.