UP Police shares clip of a man doing Push-ups on moving car, Rewards him ‘This’: Watch Video

A video of a young man doing pushups on top of a moving car went viral recently. UP Police used a slick way to tackle the issue of usage road stunts and send a powerful message using sarcasm on social media platform Twitter this Saturday.

UP Police used their official account and posted a video responding to the issue. The initial 40 seconds of the video exhibits the same man doing stunt and then a pop up message enters the screen saying “You worked out hard, here is your reward.” After that the clip of the same man apologising for the stunt was seen with the picture of the challan he had to pay for doing a punishable offence.

Later in the video, we see Ajay Kumar, SSP Firozabad explaining the investigation and it ends with the message for people to not indulge in such stunts. The post created a lot of buzz on the internet as it gained 59,000 views, close to 1,900 retweets.

As per reported by Zee News, the video was shot in Firozabad and the man was Ujjwal Yadav who had to pay fine of Rs. 2500 for the punishable offence he performed.

The neatly act of UP Police was a smart way to a dress the issue. Its not the first time they opted the mode of digital to convey the message some days back they used ‘Sholay‘ to show public service message. In the video the lead antagonist Gabbar was seen spitting o the ground and the police officer Thakur garbs him and in the end the warning to not spit on road was given due to inscribing risk of Covid- 19.

The approach used by UP Police was quite appreciated by all, here are some of the twitter reaction to the creative approach:

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