US : Police killed a black man in Washington DC

Black lives matters” is still on a heated charcoal in United States proclaimed as the Prime Agenda for the political leaders ahead of US Presidential Elections.

Another matter on Wednesday sparked the flame as policeman shot dead an African American in the Capital city of Washington DC of United States. Killings of the black man and woman have sparked the nationwide anger and uproar among people.

The man reportedly found to be 18 was shot dead in the South East of the city. As officer was following up on a tip about gun allegedly stashed in a vehicle.

Washington Police Chief Peter Newsham said, “When they approached the vehicle, some of the folks of the vehicle fled on foot. One of the officers discharged their firearm,” in a Press Conference.

He said, “We have what we believe to be an adult male that was taken to a local hospital and pronounced dead.”

He said that the police recovered two guns from the crime scene. This shooting case came after months of the earlier police brutality on the black people and just two days after officers in Los Angeles shot dead an African-American man who was riding his bike when police tried to stop him.

“We’ve seen this narrative too many times in America, and now it’s hitting home,” he said. “I talked to his mom about 15 minutes ago and we want to figure out what’s on the body camera footage, to figure out if he was running away why was he shot.”

“Some people say he was shot in the front, some people say he was shot in the back,” White, who identified the man as African American, told the news site DCist.

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