US to allow Air India to conduct ‘Ground Handling’ at Airports

United States comes in support of Air India on Friday regarding its restructuring. United States has announced its plannings to restore the Air India’s self-conduct its ground handling operations at the American Airports.

US issued an order in this regard and ordered to reverse its previous notice on July 2029 where US suspended the rights of the Air India to self conduct or self handle at US airports.

The Department and rest other US government agencies have started working with government of India towards the solution of this matter. Optimistic developments on this matter have led US agencies and government to withdraw from the earlier issued restrictions on Air India mainly due to the demand of Public Interest.

It was a conscious decision taken from US government to withdraw from 2019-7-9 order said Joel Szabat, Assistant Secretary of Transportation for Aviation and International Affairs.

“We therefore have tentatively decided to amend Air India’s permit to remove that condition,” the Department of Transportation said.

Now the stakeholders have 21 days in hand to reply on this issue before its finalising and enforcing anything. Ambassador to the US, Taranjit Singh Sandhu had a brief conversation with Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao.

“India and the US have partnered in Aviation sector during these difficult times,” the ambassador tweeted.