Vasai Woman Traced by Railway Police to Handover Gold Chain Stolen 26 Years Ago

Its Ganpati festival in Mumbai currently. Many say miracles happen around this time. One such miracle bearer was the Mumbai Police for a  lady in Vasai.

When Pinky D’Cunha replied to her phone on Saturday, her initial reaction was of wonder. A policeman had called up to ask her where she lived. He had to bring a gold chain stolen from her 26 years ago at Churchgate station. D’Cunha wondered if she had heard him correctly. It was only when constable Milind Patil arrived at her apartment and handed her the chain did she believe.

“The chain was a gift from my husband before he left abroad for a job. I saw it for the last time in February 1994. I had never imagined I would get it back. Seeing the chain again has brought back so many memories,” said D’Cunha.

D’Cunha, 49, used to work in a firm in south Mumbai. She had been married for just a year. While boarding a jammed Virar local home from Churchgate station one evening, she felt someone pull at her chain. “I choked as the chain was thick and wouldn’t break immediately. But the commuters around me were too busy rushing out.”

After the snatcher managed to pull the chain and fled, D’Cunha found lines all over her neck. She recollected. She approached patrolling cops on the platform for help. They told her she would have to go to the police station at Mumbai Central.

“I took my brother along the next day to lodge a complaint”, she said.

She was happy to receive a nostalgic gift after 26 years.