Venice will start charging visitors an entrance fee from next year to combat ‘over-tourism’     

In an effort to reduce overpopulation, Venice has decided that starting in 2023, it would charge tourists an entrance fee. Beginning January 16, visitors must reserve their trip online in advance and pay a base price of between €3 (Rs 247) and €10 (Rs 823).

Venice will now be the first city in the world to charge an entrance fee according to the plan. Simone Venturini, the director of tourism for Venice, told The Sunday Times, “We are pioneers, the first city in the world to apply a measure that could be revolutionary.

Additionally, he described the new policy as a remedy for the city’s long-standing “overtourism” issue.

The Sunday Times claimed that tourism in the lagoon city is recovering following the Covid outbreak, with daily tourists sometimes outnumbering the 50,000 inhabitants of the city centre.

The cost of the ticket will vary depending on how many people attend; the more people who want to enter, the more expensive it will be.

There are a few exceptions to the ticket requirement, according to Michele Zuin, councillor for the budget, who told CNN that the ticket booking system will be launched soon.

The article also said that ticket packages will not be required for city residents, the disabled, homeowners, persons visiting the city for medical reasons, to see relatives, or to attend cultural events, as well as children under the age of six. Due to the fact that they are already paying a tourist tax at their hotel, overnight hotel guests will not need to pay an entrance charge.

According to CNN, visitors who disobey the admission fee requirement will be subject to a punishment ranging from €50 (Rs 4,116) to €300 (Rs 24,701).