Violence and Conflicts should be resolved by Peaceful means: BRICS

New Delhi : Foreign Ministers of BRICS countries on Friday discussed by emphasizing on the need to adopt diplomatic and political engagements to eliminate challenges posed on International Peace and security.

They also had come to the conclusion that violence and activities related to it should be resolved by using diplomatic means.

The meeting had taken place between BRICS association which included five emerging powers of the world such as Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. The meeting was held through video conferencing.

As Russia chairs the BRICS Association, foreign Minister of Russia Sergei Lavrov led the meeting and the participants which includes Indian external affairs minister S. Jaishankar and Chinese state councillor and foreign minister Wang Yi.

The foreign Ministers raised their concerns but all concerns were mainly regarding the violence and continuing conflicts in the different parts of the world. They showed their discontent on the how these activities are impacting International Peace.

In a Joint statement issued by the BRICS members, “They concurred that, irrespective of their historic background and distinctive nature, conflicts should be resolved by peaceful means and diplomatic engagement through political dialogue and negotiations in line with principles and norms of international law, particularly the UN Charter.”

Security Council’s resolution 2532 (2020) which is calling for a Universal ceasefire of hostilities in all situations, including military operation exceptions on against terrorist groups as well as durable humanitarian were also being discussed by the foreign Ministers.

This meeting was held in between India-China Border disputes, Jaishankar is scheduled to visit Russia council of ministers of the SCO on September 10, Rajnath Singh meeting Chinese counterpart.