Virtual Film Festivals and Concerts This Summer Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Summer is the time for rushing to crowded places to celebrate and experience culture, but gathering hundreds of people together is ill-advised. So it’s been hard to grapple with social distancing, cancelled events, and the closure of venues during the COVID-19 outbreak. However, artists are nothing if not adaptable, especially when facing challenges.

It has been heartening to see how quickly artists and arts organizations have turned their cancelled events into digital events.  On the bright side, this could give even more people access to art, comedy, films, and other cultural events.

So below is the list of events that have moved online due to the crisis, in an effort to support artists, arts professionals, and cultural organizations, as well as to provide an enriching experience for those isolated at home as COVID-19 continues to spread.

1.Great Smoky Mountains National Park Firefly Light Show

Each summer, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park lights up with 19 species of bioluminescent beetles, also known as fireflies. From late May to mid-June, a particular type of firefly flashes synchronously in the night during its mating season, and visitors flock to the park to witness the stunning display. But this year it was held Online with the help of photographers for the world to witness.

2. The Pandemic Faire

This virtual art fair curates work from contemporary artists located around the globe for visitors to browse in lieu of attending art festivals in the real world. With new artists added weekly, the Pandemic Faire offers art lovers exposure to new creators along with links to purchase their work from galleries and personal websites.

3. Second City Online

Chicago-based improvisational comedy troupe is offering a slew of free virtual programming for you to enjoy “from the discomfort of your own home.” By registering for the live performances with Zoom, attendees can watch and take part in weekly improvisational shows like Improv House PartyGirls Night In, and the family-friendly Really Awesome Improv Show Online.

4. All In WA

First place in the U.S. to be hit hard by COVID-19, Washington state, has seen philanthropists and communities come together to organize a virtual concert to benefit its workers and families who have been hit hardest by the pandemic. All In WA is collecting donations to go toward food and housing insecurity in the state, and the concert, was livestreamed on June 24, featuring Pearl Jam, Ciara, Macklemore, Dave Matthews, and more.

5. Qaraar (solace)


Famed Kashmiri music artists came together for the first-ever virtual concert in the Valley to connect people from across the globe during the COVID-19 pandemic and keep the art and culture alive. Named Qaraar (Solace), the 3 hour (6-9 pm) concert was held on Sunday by Kashmiri vocalists and instrumentalists on Facebook. They cheered & enthralled people up, famed singer and chairman of The Kashmir Music Club, which is organising the event, Waheed Jeelani told PTI.