VIT Bhopal imposes fine on 7 students for reciting Hanuman Chalisa in their hostel rooms  

Seven Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) students have been compelled to pay a fine of 5000 rupees for reciting Hanuman Chalisa in their dorm rooms.

The college administration cracked down on 7 second-year students in response to a complaint from students in other classrooms. They received a notification demanding payment of a fine of 5000 rupees for organising the Hanuman Chalisa recital programme.

A top VIT officer informed Bhaskar of the development. He asserted that people are free to do puja in their bedrooms. The official issued a warning that group gatherings could not be held without prior authorization, including in hostel rooms.

The dormitory warden has also been asked to submit a report to the college administration. The second-year students have started a protest in response to VIT Bhopal’s decision. They claim that their subordinates have exposed them.

Dr. Navneet Kumar Verma, head warden of VIT Bhopal, said in an email that the incidence happened before Monday, July 4. Students had asked him for permission to perform the Hanuman Chalisa, he claimed, but he had turned them down.

“We are always attempting to resolve your problems while also working for your wellbeing and future development. But today, I received a few films and images of a religious gathering in block 1 of the boys dormitory, which is inadmissible under any circumstances. Because of this, the others become agitated “Verma warned the pupils.

“Although few students had contacted me in this regard, I refused the same. And requested that at the time of festival you people can contact the hostel authorities for their permission. But what you did today was a case of indiscipline. All who are involved in this gathering need to report to my office on Monday and give an explanation of your act in front of the hostel discipline committee. As a human being, I love and respect all religions too,” he added.

This encouraged even the State government to pay attention to the issue. Narottam Mishra, the home minister for Madhya Pradesh, told the students during his discussion of the situation that the institution would not punish them.

“No fine will be imposed, we’ve informed them (college). If Hanuman Chalisa is not chanted in Hindustan, there where?… We can make students understand…: MP Minister Narottam Mishra on reports of 7 students at VIT Bhopal fined Rs 5000 for chanting Hanuman Chalisa,” quoted ANI.

“The issue is not what’s being presented. Other students had complained due to the noise after Hanuman Chalisa was chanted (by 7 students). I have ordered the Collector to probe it: Narottam Mishra on reports of 7 students at VIT-Bhopal fined Rs 5000 for chanting Hanuman Chalisa,” ANI further added.