Wanna engage your Instagram audience? Here’s what you need to do

With Instagram being insanely popular among all social media apps, Instagram story feature is best way to capture audience.

Whether you’re using Instagram stories for your video content, or creating attractive templates and captions for your static photos, this app can really up-level your audience engagement.

If you add branding and personality to your stories, they can be even more powerful. It makes your content recognizable and memorable.

There’s a lot that Instagram Provides you with and you could do to amp up your game. So starting with the Instagram story feature:

1. AR Filters- There are a ton of filters to choose from within your Stories camera, and you can tap ‘Browse Effects’ for more. You could save from your friend’s stories for easy access later.

2. Layout – Layout is one of the Stories’ newest features. Use Layout to add multiple photos to a single image in your Stories – achieving a collage-like effect.

3. Chat – Use the chat sticker to invite your followers to join a group chat within DMs. Some ideas: create exclusive chats for pre-order customers, influencers.

4. Boomerang – You can’t go wrong creating a classic Boomerang, but note that Instagram very recently expanded this tool and added new capabilities to it that will make your Stories stand out.

5. Super Zoom – This feature allows you to add different effects to your shots as the Stories camera automatically zooms in on your subject.

6. On this Day – OTD is a relatively new feature within Create Mode. This feature enables you to relive memories with your audience, by making it easy to share what you posted on today’s date – whether it was 1 year ago or 5.

7. Quiz – Use IG’s quiz sticker to test your followers’ knowledge about your business, products, services & more.

8. Poll – With poll stickers you could ask your audience a question or learn what their preference is on a certain topic, giving them two response options.

9. Countdown – Whether it’s an upcoming sale or promotion, or you just can’t wait ‘til Christmas, a countdown is a great way to build anticipation for a certain event with your audience.

10. Question – IG’s question sticker is a great way to increase Story engagement. Ask your audience anything and then share the relevant responses.

11. GIFs – add personality to your Story with a GIF. You can add a GIF to your Story as a sticker, or you can add one via Create Mode.

12. Go Live – Remember that live videos are meant to be “raw” and unpolished. Add an AR filter to make your Live standout.

13. IGTV – If you create an IGTV episode or series, make sure to share it with your Story.

14. Hashtags – To increase visibility on your stories use hashtag sticker or simply add the hashtags as text.

15. Location – While sharing Stories of your store, products, or services, be sure to use the location sticker.

16. Story Highlights – Update your Story Highlights regularly with fresh content. Sort your highlights thematically and make sure that the Highlights covers to match the vibe of your profile.

17. Share various routines you follow- Everyday routines can be fun to look for. The routines you follow could be a motivation to others in some way. Haircare routines, Daily morning routine, Daily night routine, Skincare routine & Everyday make up routine, etc.

And some more ideas that can be tried and tested are Challenge videos, Hauls, Reviews/Tutorials, Blogs/Vlogs, Recipes/Cooking, etc. 

So get out there and be creative and engage the audience just the way you feel comfortable doing.