“Wasn’t an illusion”: Viral Picture of floating ship in the sky tricked everyone: See Netizens Reaction

Illusions can be game changing, it makes a simple image go viral. One of the illusion was seen recently on Facebook. The user named Colin McCallum shared the image captured at Banff, Aberdeenshire. The viral picture tricked everyone.

The caption along the picture said, “Saw a real life optical illusion in Banff today.” The picture exhibits a ship but the puzzling part is, it appeared to be floating in the sky.

Viral picture tricked

McCallum stated while an interview with DailyMail, “When I first saw the boat, I had to do a double-take because I genuinely thought it was floating. Upon further inspection, however, I noticed that it was in fact just a remarkable optical illusion.”

The viral picture tricked everyone and gained over 1,000 reactions and comments. Many users responded, saying “That’s brilliant!”. To which McCallum replied,  “Had to do a double take to be sure”. “Wasn’t an illusion, Agent Smith forgot to upgrade our version so the Matrix is getting glitchy.”

Twitter Reactions:

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