Watch: Viral Video of a NYC woman discovers a new apartment behind her bathroom mirror.

Samantha Hartsoe, a New York women made a splendid discovery. She found a whole new apartment backing her bathroom mirror. This thrilling adventure was recorded as Tik Tok series by Samantha and as per reports by CNN, the video has gone viral.

The incident began when Samantha wanted to know the reason of cool breeze blowing in her bathroom without a window or the cooling vent, said Ms. Hartsoe.

The breeze that created the doubt was so strong that it moved her hair and was directed from the mirror above her sink.  It is shown in the clip on Tik Tok that has about 7 million views.

Samantha said in the video, “I need more answers, I have to go in and figure out what is on the other side of my bathroom.”

Afterwards, She wore the mask and gloves, with a hammer while entering the room. When she entered the room, she immediately realised it was a whole apartment and said “Wow, this is a whole other apartment,” she says.

In the video, we could see the garbage bags and water bottles in the apartment to which Samantha responded saying “signs of life”. She kept on going trying to find someone inside but failed.

In an interview to Curbed Samantha said,”I was kind of expecting there to be somebody, especially with the water bottle being there, and that definitely put me on edge.”  She described the space “really old”, as the bathroom had no fitting toilets but only piping.

This thrilling adventure of Ms. Samantha went viral on Twitter and gained over 4 million views.

One of the user tweeted, on the viral video “What?! I have so many questions because I’d assume in NYC they’d be itching to rent that space out.” Another said, “This was insane”. Though one remarked, “better than the best true crime podcast you’ve ever streamed.”

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