What is Facebook News? What are the controversies brewing around it even before launch?

For years, Facebook has faced the heat from almost all sectors of the world, be it the great Hack or the unauthorized access to data, or it’s secret projects. On Wednesday, the social media company took the first step in a new direction by expanding its News section beyond the US market. Intending to pay news publishers for content and original reporting, Facebook plans to expand the News Tab section to other countries, including India, the UK, Germany, France, and Brazil.

What is Facebook News?

Facebook News is a separate section on the world’s most popular social platform. It will help users find and read news articles by engaging in news publications. In June 2020, Facebook News was rolled out to US consumers. And in August 2020, Facebook has said it is “counting” to expand its News Tab to countries like India, the UK, Canada, France, Germany, and Brazil.

Which publications are on Facebook News?

Facebook said it has 200 publications on board. Some of the biggest names in the news publication industry are on Facebook News, including the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, BuzzFeed, Bloomberg, and ABC News. At the moment, Facebook has not revealed the names of local Indian publications it can collaborate with.