What Is So Special About These 2,500-Year-Old Coffins Discovered In Egypt?

Cairo, Egypt: Egyptian authorities announced the discovery of a collection of over 13 intact & sealed coffins dating back to 2,500 years ago. The coffins were uncovered at an archaeological site in Saqqara necropolis in Giza and were unearthed inside an 11-meter-deep shaft, according to a statement.

The coffins found at an archaeological site in Saqqara necropolis in Giza. IC: Xinhua

“This discovery marks the largest number of coffins found in one burial place since the discovery of the Asasif Cachette,” said Tourism and Antiquities Minister Khaled al-Anany. The Minister referred to the discovery of 30 ancient coffins in October 2019 at Asasif cemetery in Upper Egypt’s Luxor Province.

“The discovery in Saqqara includes a wonderful collection of coloured wooden coffins whose colours and inscriptions are still in good condition despite the passage of 2,500 years,” said Antiquities Minister Waziri, who led the Egyptian archaeological mission in Saqqara.

Waziri informed that the exact number of the unearthed coffins, as well as the identity and titles of their owners, has not been confirmed yet. However, these facts will be revealed in the upcoming days as the excavation work continues. “The mission continues excavation work on the site, and it is expected to result in many other discoveries of shafts, coloured wooden coffins and statues,” the SCA chief added.

Primary research has revealed that the coffins are completely sealed and their seals have not been breached ever since they were buried inside the shaft, according to the Ministry. This leaves a great possibility that