What is Trump’s relationship with China called?

Some people also raise questions on the timing of ‘tweet’ and asks that is it not being done just for showing?

Whether it is the issue of Hong Kong, the issue of Corona virus or trade, US President Donald Trump is constantly flaring on China, that too openly. On 6 July, Donald Trump wrote in one of his tweets that China has done a lot of damage to America and the whole world.

Trump has made such a direct attack on China several months before the election announcement. On the timing of bitter ‘tweets’ like poison, some people raise questions and are asking that this is not being done just to show the American public. Recently, Donald Trump’s former National Security Advisor John Bolton’s book “The Room Where It Happened” was released, alleging that the focus was on bargaining with China for political gains.

In such a situation, let’s talk about the allegations later, let us first know how often Trump has raged on China in the last few days. When China announced the implementation of the National Security Act in Hong Kong, Trump appeared very active, alleging that he had announced the abolition of Hong Kong’s special status, accusing China of vandalism. In other big and small decisions, the US has stopped the flight of China Airlines and when India banned 59 Chinese apps, then the positive process for India came from the US State Department.

USA China relations
USA China relations

Even after the Corona virus, the situation was such that the US President had even said in a TV channel interview that the US would break all its relations with China. Corona virus has the highest number of cases in the US and Trump has been seen to put its entire responsibility on China, he has even said that China has made 184 countries including the US like hell.

Recently allegations of Chinese collusion on Trump
But amidst these efforts, Trump has also been accused of complicity with China. In the month of June itself, Trump’s former National Security Advisor (NSA) John Bolton has made a big claim about him. According to an Associated Press (AP) report, Bolton has stated in his book that Trump had asked Chinese President Xi Jinping in 2019 to ‘help in his re-election efforts’.

The report stated that Bolton wrote, “I can not remember any important decision of Trump during his tenure by stressing his mind, which is not motivated by his re-election goal.”

Bolton’s book is being discussed most on events related to China. That is because Trump keeps making rhetoric against China at the moment to win the election again, while Bolton says that Trump never left any stone unturned in the happiness of Chinese President Xi Jinping.

To please Xi, Trump used to pressurize the people of his administration to be soft in many criminal cases or to end the case. Bolton has described Shea and Trump’s interactions and telephone conversations in detail.

Let us know that Bolton, who made these serious allegations, had been NSA for about 17 months. John Bolton says Trump’s discussions with Jinping about the 2020 presidential election, including several discussions, were ‘worrying’ for him. Bolton says that Congress should consider these incidents while conducting an impeachment inquiry.

Overall, it is clear that China has a clear place in Trump’s election agenda, they are only doing bitter tweets like Poison, they are being accused of relationships like honey. But from the trends that are coming out, it seems that Americans does not seem enthusiastic to buy Trump’s poison and honey.