WhatsApp to come up with new features, Check out the details

WhatsApp comes up with new features almost every other day for its users. The social media giant is reportedly redesigning the Storage Usage section of its chat app with a list of options to let you easily organize your storage and delete unnecessary files that were forwarded or shared through the app. 

While the app is yet to reveal details, WABetaInfo has shared a screenshot of the redesigned storage section. The screenshot shows that the redesigned storage space shows space consumed by media files shared over WhatsApp, suggesting a cleanup option that lists forwarded files and large files.

The new feature of storage space is under development and should roll out once it’s tested by beta users. Some reports suggest that the redesigned version will first reach Android users and later iPhone users. The release date is yet to be revealed though. 

The new update of WhatsApp for Android brings a range of new features such as new ringtone for group calls, tweaks to animated stickers. 

WhatsApp released animated stickers a few months ago. With the new update, the application is working on allowing animated stickers to loop at least eight times. After the feature is tested, users will get it. 

Also, the messaging platform is checking a new ringtone option for group calls for which participants have been raised to eight from four. For now, there are no words on when the new feature will be released for the users.

WABetaInfo also shared that WhatsApp is revamping the UI for calls. The latest version suggests that the new call UI shifts all buttons to the bottom of the screen. The screenshot shows that the bottom screen in the UI includes five options: 

  • Info button
  • Audio on/off button
  • Video on/off button
  • Messaging button
  •  Camera switching button for switching between front and back.

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