When Your Youth Expires And Life Begins, These Lessons Are Must At Your 20s

20’s is the age for a lot of growth for almost everyone. In our teens we all think way high of ourselves and see the world around us as if it’s come right out of a typical Bollywood film with drama, tears, fun and what not.

Have you all thought at that moment that you know all and everything? You’re not the first person to express such thoughts, and you certainly won’t be the last.

life lessons

Many of us are convinced that if we could go back in time and have a chat with our 20-year old selves, then we could absolutely kill at adult-ing and beyond.

But the question remains what would you tell your 20-year old self if you had the opportunity to speak to past you and moreover will you get that chance ever??

So here’s a list of some ‘What To Do’ and ‘What Not To Do’ or some ‘Always Remember’ list

Debt Ain’t Normal

Of course, there’s normal debt, like your monthly mortgage repayment, car payments, etc. Or you took loans from friends, family or bank loans for that matter. However, excessive personal loans and credit cards are not the way forward.

If you can’t afford to buy it with cash, then you have to ask how badly you need it. A credit card will help you build your credit score, but if you don’t know what you’re doing it will destroy it just as easily.

My advise is to really push yourself in learning about debt, finances, and money management.

Friends > Relationships

We’ve all been in relationships that absorbed us entirely. Suddenly, you have no time for friends or anyone other than this new romantic partner.

life lesson

But as you grow up and mature enough you’ll realise with time that you keep loosing friends and even when you try to pick them up its been late and they’ve moved on. Reality is that you should spend time with your partner but not at the cost of loosing on, on your friends.

Know What You Want

You can save yourself a lot of heartache if you take time to know what you want in a romantic partner, and don’t settle.

In terms of what you want in your life partner or life, it’s okay sometimes to be not sure or not know what you want but the concern lies is that shouldn’t be case always and forever.

Know what you want and don’t settle for less.

Family & Friends

Family is the one no matter what, will always be there to stand with you and sometimes even fight the battle instead of you. When family need you, you should be right beside them strong and standing.

life lessons

Friends and Relationships are important but the one who truly matter are your parents, your family. As we grow older, people move away, they get married, they have kids, and they immerse themselves in their lives. While your inner circle might shrink, the other people aren’t just gone. You’ll be able to pick up right where you left off as soon as you meet up.

Less Stuff Is Better

Do you hold onto old stuff or even people for that matter just because you can’t bear to throw it out or push them away from your life? Me, too!!

Things like these don’t mean anything. They don’t add up anything to life. You don’t need a closet packed with labels. You don’t need dozens of watches or a different pair of shoes for every day of the week. You don’t need a lot people in your life to call as friends when they can’t or haven’t acted like one.

Less stuff is better, literally and metaphorically both. Life is more meaningful than the things you own.

Manage Health

Your body is the only one you’ll have for life. It’s much easier to stay in shape when you were in shape to begin with. It’s much more difficult to get in shape when you’ve let yourself go a bit.

Career Patience

Career is where almost everyone looses patience. Some people know what they wanna do further in life and some don’t which clearly reflects in their college career or higher study options. In order to achieve more and more and just the best we put ourselves through a lot of pressure resulting in anxiety and depression.

life lesson

The point is to not feel pressurised by ‘LIFE’ rather do what you feel, know and want to do and leave the rest on god. I believe everything is written, it’s your destiny at the end that plays its role. So instead of worrying about the consequences look for what is wrong and right and give you 100%.

There’s No Such Thing As Perfection

People brag about being perfectionists, and sometimes even I believe in doing a particular task to its perfection. But all i’d advise would be to not go that way. At least not make it the ultimate goal? Or the only way of approaching to a task or getting it done.

Chasing perfection will only lead you to one end, and that’s burn out. It may also prevent you from taking risks, too, because the fear of failure is too great.

And Some Quick Life Lessons

  • It might hurt, but you should always tell the truth.
  • Not everyone will be as respectful and honourable as you.
  • No more hair gel!
  • Tell your parents you love them as often as possible, one day they’ll be gone.
  • You’re going to be fine!
  • It’s okay to put yourself first and say no to the things (or people) that drain your energy.
  • Be open and honest about what you want, no one will read your mind.
  • Listen when people show you who they are.
  • You can have a degree and still be stupid.
  • You can’t get back the time you spend worrying.
  • Do what’s right for you, not what’s right on paper.
  • Some people will like you, some people won’t like you. That’s fine, you’re not for everyone and you don’t have to be.
  • Travel.
  • Let yourself make mistakes, it’ll be okay.
  • Be tough.
  • Don’t waste your time on toxic people.
  • It isn’t things that matter, it’s people.
  • Be kind.

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