Why #Boycott_Kangana trending on Twitter?

Kangana Ranaut is now trending worldwide on Twitter.  People have been tweeting #Boycott_Kangana after her constant statements on Sushant Singh Rajput’s case. Netizens are believing that Kangana is using Sushant’s name to gain popularity.

Another reason for trending #Boycott_Kangana is that many PR agencies that work for popular Bollywood actors like Alia, Sonakshi have joined to trend this as the Queen actor was abusing these celebrities in her videos against nepotism.

Here are some tweets of netizens that are trending:



Kangana has now responded to the #Boycott_Kangana trend on twitter, calling it an attempt by the ‘mafia’ to bring her down.


On her, Twitter handle she wrote, “Wonderful #Boycott_Kangana trending, chuhe billion se bahar aa rahe hai. Chalo, Thoda that pair to mafia Bhi maaregi (the mice are coming out of their holes. Well, the mafia will try whatever it can).”

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