Why Google did not launch Pixel 4 in India?

Google is trying to create a community for phones whose camera performance is regarded as top-notch. Pixel still symbolizes the baseline for smartphone cameras. Today, Pixel’s team may not have a million fans compared to Apple‘s ‘cult,’ but there was a massive groan of disappointment when the company revealed it would not launch the smartphone series Pixel 4 in India.

The Pixel 4 XL is listed for Rs 99,990 on Amazon. The ‘newer’ Pixel phones on the e-commerce platform are presently not deliverable. Pixel phone’s older variants remain “temporarily unavailable” on Flipkart too.


So if you want to go through two of India’s biggest e-commerce sites, the only Pixel phone available is the Pixel 4XL. It’s not clear how Amazon is selling or distributing the phone, since it was not officially launched in India. Pixel 4 was launched back in October 2019 at a starting price of $799 whereas the starting price of the Pixel 4XL was $899.

While Google has not officially revealed the exact reason for not releasing the Pixel 4 smartphones, it has been suggested that Google has failed to attain approval from the Indian government to use the 60GHz mm-Wave frequency band that is not allowed in India. The frequency band 60GHz mm-Wave is needed in the Pixel 4 series for Google’s main biometric feature.

One possibility exists about why in an extremely price-sensitive market like India, Pixel phones are a hard sell. The Pixel phones don’t deliver a convincing price-to-spec ratio despite all of their camera prowess. Realme OnePlus smartphones offer better specs at lower prices than the Pixel.

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