Will You Work Without Payment? Listing 10 Simple Task Google Makes Us Do Everyday For Free

People will be a bit shocked when they’ll know that they are actually working for Big Firm like Google For Free. One of the wealthiest firm, Google is literally making us do work for free through clever options. It can include simple tasks (you won’t believe) to complete. These simple tasks may lead to larger projects and more complicated projects that would earn Google Billions of dollars through salaries and payments.

Here are Top-10 Things ‘Google Makes Us Do’ : 

10 |  Book Translators

Credits: BBC

If you’ve ever solved which you have for sure while filing forms, during login, sign in etc. a CAPTCHA, then you’ve definitely and certainly worked for Google for free, because actually helped Google to digitize Google Books Archives. So, to help you understand more precisely, every CAPTCHA had two words: One to prove Google that you actually know what you are doing and another one new word Google wanted to transcribe.

Google is actually using CAPTCHA to digitize its entire book archive and every New York Times newspaper printed since 1851. It did it within two years without paying anyone a single penny.

9 | Autonomous Car Trainers

Credits: medium

After reading above point if started hating CAPTCHA then let me tell you re-CAPTCHA is worst. You often come across several images of traffic lights, sign posts, cars, buses which usually asks you to tag you non-robot.That is reCAPTCHA.

Do you know the meaning of traffic lights there in re-CAPTCHA, Google uses to train artificial intelligence for driveless cars.

8 | Image Labeler

Credits: Listverse

Image Labeler turns out to be the most shameful attempt as making us all work for free. Google released Image Labeler as a game but actually used that game to improve Google search result.

The web-based game showed two random strangers the same photo and asked them to tag it before the countdown timer counted down to zero.

7 | Mobile Traffic Sensors

Credits: Caradvice

If you are using Google Maps, then Google usually knows the traffic situation of your routes, bit how does that happen? It’s your smart phone, Everyone with an android phone doubles as a mobile traffic sensor for Google Maps.

When several phones struck at the same place at the same time, Google knows that there is a traffic jam there. Its not actually the jam of traffic but the jam of network at the same.

6 | Unaware Cartographers

Credits: Techcrunch

Cartographer is someone who draws map and makes map. So this includes everyone who ever used defunct Google Map Maker. This Map maker allows everyone to upload pictures of roads, rivers, buildings, businesses and other landmarks.

That flaw was its lack of adequate moderation. Google only moderated entries uploaded by new users. It did not moderate images or information from existing users.

5 | Human Seisometers

Credits: Daily mail

Seismometers are instruments used to detect earthquakes. Despite their importance, many earthquake-prone states and countries cannot afford one since they are costly to build and maintain.

Smartphones make good seismometers because they contain accelerometers.

4 | Google Local Guide

Credits: local guide connect

Half of Google users are looking for some guide for information and for careers. So, to gather information it sets up Local Guide by Google.

Local guides add comments, photos and reviews of popular locations to Google Maps. It is the successor of failed Map Maker.

3 | Content Moderators

Credits: The Verge

Google depends on regular users like you and me to help it moderate YouTube. It’s paid moderators only step in when enough unpaid moderators (again, that’s you and me) flag a video.

This means YouTube will not moderate inappropriate videos unless we report them.

2 | YouTube Translator

Google claimed the feature would allow video creators “connect with audiences” that do not speak their language. However, we all know YouTube did that to encourage more people to watch videos, which means more money for them.

1 | 360 Photographers

Credits: 360 spin

Street View is a Google Maps feature that allows users view 360 degrees around a position. Imagine standing on a single point and turning round until you return to your starting position. That’s how Street View works.

360 photos are shot by people Google calls “Google Street View trusted photographers”.

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