World’s First 3D Printed House Community in California is on the Way: Here’s what they look like

Sustainability is the key to survive in the future, keeping the point intact US based construction technology startup Mighty Buildings and Palari Group announced to develop the world’s first community of 3D printed zero net energy homes in Rancho Mirage, California.

The collaboration of sustainable real estate and construction technology company is all about revolutionising the constructive pattern of building communities. These 3D printed house will be robotic automation and will provide sustainable and affordable homes.

3D printed house

The community of eco friendly house will be using solar power energy with optional Tesla power wall batteries, it will be developed from 3D printing production process that elevates 99% of construction waste as it will be utilising the 3D-printed panellised Mighty Kit system by Mighty Buildings.The community will be build on 5 acre parcel with $15 million.

The objective of the project is to minimise the its environment impact of building and offer smart, healthy and sustainable homes to the buyers that are cautious about future.

3D printed houses

Alexey Dubov, Co-Founder and COO of Mighty Buildings said, “We could not be more excited for this groundbreaking collaboration with Palari, and to be a part of the creation of the world’s first 3D-printed zero net energy community.”

He further remarked,  “This will be the first on-the-ground actualisation of our vision for the future of housing – able to be deployed rapidly, affordably, sustainably, and able to augment surrounding communities with a positive dynamic.”

The two companies share the mission of sustainability and through this project will be adding a value to the neighbourhood and the city.

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