Xi Jinping to strengthen his grip on China by adopting Ultra-Nationalist Agenda, indefinite One Man Rule

To strengthen his grip, Chinese President is doubling down on Ultra-National Agenda, indefinite One Man rule and ideological conformity.

Chinese President Xi Jinping aims to further improve his position by doubling on an ultra-nationalist platform, one-man rule forever, and cultural adherence. In an opposite the editorial article written for The Guardian by Simon Tisdall, because of the repressive and expansionist practises of Xi, China has been enveloped in a ring of fire since becoming the president and head of the Chinese Communist Party in 2012–13.

Coupled with the growing vehemence of the Xi government, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Tibet, Hong Kong, South China Sea and Taiwan are locked in tension and war.

According to the writer, it is rumoured that the Chinese President might declare himself as ‘Chairman Xi’ soon. China’s manufacturing heartlands are recovering from pandemic at a faster rate. According to International Monetary Fund (IMF), 1.2% of growth is predicated for this year and above 5% annually, which is well placed ahead of other major economies.

Tho there’s an increasing rich poor divide, which is symbolised by Xi, whose unaccountable large personal fortune is put at USD 1.5 billion. There’s evidence of that widening health gap is weakening social cohesion. China’s reputation abroad has been hit severely, with pandemic originating in Wuhan.

Xi instructed his cadres recently in Tibet, to build an “impregnable fortress” to guard against “splitism” and ensure frontier security. Outlining his hardline approach towards the ethnic minorities, he called on further subjugating Tibetan Buddhism to socialist principles.

“Oppressive measures and actions were practiced in Tibet, were applied against the Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang”, Tibetan activist Dolma said.

As China rises to become a global superpower, he perhaps fears genuinely for the nation’s unity and internal security.